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Saturday, August 26 2017


Here is the source path for PhysicsFS library, to compile it for MiNT. The archive is a series of patches to be applied to current development branch (or version 2.0.3).

physfs-2.0.3-mint-diff.gz (2 KB) Patch:
physfs-mint-devel-branch.tar.gz (3 KB)

This is a source patch for the PhysicsFS library. It allows access to Resident Evil 3 PC rofs.dat archives. Decompression is not supported in this version. Patch must be applied to one of current versions of the library.

physfs-rofs-2.0.3.diff.gz (8 KB)
physfs-rofs-1.1.diff.gz (8 KB)
physfs-rofs-1.0.diff.gz (7 KB)

Official site:

Saturday, October 4 2008


Here is a patch that fixes one part of a bug in the LDG system: it overwrites the environment variables when loading a library, so the library can not use environment variables set by the caller application. A more complete fix is needed when using the LDG resident program. A bug has been opened on Sourceforge LDG' site.

Patch (GCC only):
ldg-2.33-envvar.diff (2 KB)

Official site:

Tuesday, August 19 2008


Patch to load ADT and TIM images using SDL_image.

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Patch to compile it for Atari/MiNT.

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Patches to compile for gcc 3.

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Patch to compile Mesa (OSMesa driver) for Atari/MiNT.

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