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Mesa port for Atari.

Mesa is a library that implements OpenGL functions. This Atari version render the images in a memory buffer. The archive must be depacked under '/', new files will be installed to '/usr/local'. You can also try the LDG version.

Library and development files (Atari, static library):
mesa-6.2-mint.tar.gz (2960 KB)
Library and development files (Atari, dynamic library):
mesa-devel-6.2-ldg-1.4-mint.tar.gz (58 KB)

LDG (Atari, 68000 and higher): (988 KB)
LDG (Atari, 68020 and higher): (1026 KB)
LDG (Atari, 68030 and higher with FPU): (878 KB)

LDG Sources (Atari):
mesa-6.2-ldg-1.4.tar.gz (209 KB)

Official site: