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The CT60 is an accelerator card based on 68060 CPU, for the Atari Falcon.

More than the small fixes needed to make some software running with this card, there are a number of things that would be nice to have fixed, as we can patch the TOS:

  • Add an hard disk driver
  • Add a CD-ROM driver

With these two addons, we could plug any storage device on the machine, without having to resort to floppy drive (and floppies) to install a new system.

  • Having a ROM-disk

This one could allow storing all our favorites utilities in the Flash, very useful to test stuff, even if you forgot to replug your hard disk :).

  • Make TOS patches in C.
  • Choose patches to put in the Flash.

These ones are maybe not needed, but it could ease life to make an on-demand Flash, following your needs.