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Friday, March 19 2010

PhysicsFS MiNT patch for development branch

Patch to compile current devel branch of PhysicsFS for MiNT.


Cross-scripts 0.2

Scripts to cross-compile libraries.

  • Added MiNT definition file for cmake.


Wednesday, October 28 2009

lib2ldg 0.1

LDG (loadable library) generator, from libxxx.a static version.


Sunday, October 11 2009

Reevengi 0.14

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Add separate clock for engine, so loading times are not taken into account for player movements.
  • Add timing in ms, in log file.
  • Heavy rewrite for texturing. The background image is processed with same stuff as the model textures.
  • Heavy rewrite for drawing code. EMD model is organized in a skel structure, with the various meshes.
  • Can set width,height,bpp of video mode
  • Software renderer: Bilinear filtering for background.
  • Display model skeleton.


Saturday, September 5 2009

Reevengi 0.13

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Dump room scripts (see -dumpscript command).
  • Display doors and walls on map.
  • Can enter doors (only RE2/RE3).


Friday, July 31 2009

Reevengi 0.12

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Fixed some bugs in S-Buffer.
  • Added 24 bits rendering to software renderer.
  • Added room map with camera, camera switches and boundaries.
  • OpenGL: Disabled ARB_npot texture support, till testable.
  • OpenGL: Only upload texture to video card when loading model.
  • RE1: Fixed wrong row length for some backgrounds.


Wednesday, July 8 2009

CT60 - Setup application

Added setup application, to change some settings:
- NVRAM settings, and clock
- CPU frequency

Also display SDRAM information and temperature, if you have the CT60 with the sensor.


Tuesday, May 26 2009

Doom, Heretic, Hexen v0.56

All games:

  • README list supported game data files.
  • Added -iwad /pat/to/gamefile.wad command line parameter.


  • Fixed bug when saving game, was corrupting memory
    (Thanks to Sascha Uhlig for report and testing).

The ports are built with SDL 1.2 (svn 20090526) which have the following things changed, compared to SDL 1.2.13:

  • Xbios video driver disabled when FVDI present.
  • Teamtap autodetection on joypad ports
    (Thanks to Fredifredo for teamtap and joypads).
  • Xbios audio driver enabled for Magic
    (Thanks to Sascha Uhlig for testing).

Doom port Heretic port Hexen port

Sunday, April 26 2009

CT60 - STMicro flash chip support

Add STMicro flash chip support to 1.03c firmware.


Saturday, March 7 2009

Reevengi 0.11

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Received contribution to add more PS1 versions, thanks to Mark Grass.
  • Reworked detection of game/demo versions.
  • S-Buffer implementation for software renderer.


Thursday, February 5 2009

Reevengi 0.10

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Switchable wireframe/filled/gouraud-ed/textured for model drawing, for both OpenGL and software renderers.
  • 64 bits fixes for camera position.
  • Win32: Disable gamma, due to some buggy SDL versions.


Sunday, December 28 2008

Reevengi 0.9

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Display EMD model also for RE1 (pc/ps1), RE2 (pc/ps1) and RE3 pc.
  • Model selection
  • Move model up/down
  • Fixed crash in OpenGL renderer, due to bad conversion of background image.
  • Add 8bit video mode support, with dithering for background if needed
  • Preliminary VS2005 project file.


Saturday, December 13 2008

Reevengi 0.8

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Display an EMD object (3D model, RE2 pc demo only).
  • Forceable background restoration and reset player position.


Reevengi m68k+FPU not working

I tortured my head for hours, trying to find a bug I did not produce. In fact, the toolchain is faulty. Here are two elements that explain the problem.

20081213 Update: In fact, the problem came from my gcc 3.3 configuration. Using a newly built gcc 4.3.2 fixes the first problem. The second one is still valid though.

Multilib feature disabled in some cases
Incompatibility between FPU and non-FPU code

Saturday, November 29 2008

Reevengi 0.7

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Added preliminary software renderer for 3D stuff.
  • Display camera position et orientation.


Saturday, November 15 2008

Work in progress

A new Aranym release is available. In the new stuff, many fixes for DSP56K emulation, mainly due to Laurent Sallafranque work, which works on Hatari, another emulator; and joypad emulation, so I can test programs that use it. I don't think I'll add Teamtap emulation till I need it.

I continued reverse engineering Resident Evil file formats , for my viewer Reevengi. I just found information to switch camera angle, given player position. I also started writing a software renderer, as there is no hardware OpenGL on Atari, to display some 3D objects on the background image.

Friday, October 10 2008

SDL 1.2.13

SDL build as LDG loadable library. It allows SDL to be updated without recompiling applications.


Saturday, October 4 2008


Bugfix for LDG.


Thursday, August 14 2008


Hello. I decided to go the blog way to help me do more frequent updates.

You can go in the 'Categories' section on the right, to see the various projets I am working on.

Wednesday, March 5 2008

Blender plugins

Import plugins (work in progress).

  • PLD/PLW objects from Resident Evil 2.


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