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Saturday 29 November 2008

Reevengi 0.7

Image viewer and movie player for Resident Evil games.

  • Added preliminary software renderer for 3D stuff.
  • Display camera position et orientation.


Saturday 15 November 2008

Work in progress

A new Aranym release is available. In the new stuff, many fixes for DSP56K emulation, mainly due to Laurent Sallafranque work, which works on Hatari, another emulator; and joypad emulation, so I can test programs that use it. I don't think I'll add Teamtap emulation till I need it.

I continued reverse engineering Resident Evil file formats , for my viewer Reevengi. I just found information to switch camera angle, given player position. I also started writing a software renderer, as there is no hardware OpenGL on Atari, to display some 3D objects on the background image.

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