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SDL 1.2.15

Hello, here is a new release for SDL 1.2.15. Here are the changes:


  • video: nova: Add NOVA card support for TT.
  • video: xbios: C2P routine wrongly initialized for ST (4 bitplanes). Reported by John Snowdon.
  • audio: Fill audio buffer with silence if the same buffer is used several times (avoid looping audio).


  • video: xbios: Only change screen pointers and do Vsync if application uses double buffering.
  • video: gem: (Most changes contributed/inspired by work from Olivier Landemarre)
    • Align window work area on 16-pixels boundary, so the VDI does not have to shift bits in a bitplanes mode. The created window has a 16-pixels extra space to handle this alignment.
    • Avoid doing queries to AES for states that does not change, and for which we receive events.
    • Avoid changing mouse cursor shape when application did not request any change.
    • Only call appl_init() once, MyAES does not like calling appl_init/appl_exit several times.
    • Do not change palette unless application has focus


  • Fix interrupt mask for non-Atari hardware. Contributed by Vincent Riviere.


  • video: xbios: Add Supervidel specific video modes. Contributed by Pawel Goralski.


  • audio: Allocate audio buffer for application mixing in FastRAM if available. Contributed by Daniel Illgen.


  • cdrom: Return an empty list of drives, instead of error if no driver present.


  • audio: Compiled with mintlib 0.60.1 ( to fix GSXB detection.


  • video: gem: Changes in event management, to avoid blocking too much on it.


  • clavier: Fix in IKBD interrupt handler for coldfire CPU, contributed by Vincent Riviere.


  • video: xbios: Fixed centering on screen.
  • timer: Throttle calls to background task to avoid running them too frequently.



1. On Friday, November 13 2009, 16:18 by Marcus

Bonjour, sur le site d'Enrico vous avez posté une news concernant des application capable de convertir les décors présent dans les ADT en format image bmp, j'ai beau chercher je ne les trouve pas, sont ils présent ici même

2. On Friday, November 13 2009, 19:06 by pmdata

L'archive contenant les sources se trouve sur la même page que Reevengi (en bas, dernier lien, sous 'Outils de conversion'). Une version compilée par Mark Grass est maintenant disponible.